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Every garden should have a patch of lettuce. It’s fast growing and highly productive, plus you can grow it year round in many areas so you get an endless supply of fresh leafy greens

If you plant lettuce from seedlings, most varieties will be ready to harvest in as little as 5–6 weeks, some a little longer. Put seedlings in the ground every few weeks to ensure a ready supply of fresh greens throughout the year.

Growing conditions: Lettuces prefer full sun and good drainage. They are shallow-rooted plants, so keep the water up. They require soil rich in humus.

Growing tip: Liquid-feed every two weeks for a bumper harvest. Where space is limited, grow them in pots on a sunny balcony.

Height & spacing: Plant seedlings 20–35cm apart in rows 30–40cm apart.

Harvest:5–8 weeks after planting seedlings.

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