Secrets to succulents

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Drought-tolerant and low-maintenance, succulents are stunning by themselves, but they also combine nicely with other plants. Designer Monica Mroz shares her tips and her favorites.

Good companions for succulents include Phormium (New Zealand flax), lavender, trailing rosemary, licorice plant and bougainvillea. “Just check the environmental needs to be sure they all share the same requirements,” she says.

To soften the hard edges of agaves and aloes, combine them with ornamental grasses like blue fescue or Mexican feather grass. They also look terrific with ivy geraniums and daffodils.

For eye-catching blooms, Mroz likes Aloe ferox, with its luscious red-orange spires, and Agave vfimoriniana, which has long, 0-tip-like yellow spikes.

Good choices for cold-hardy succulents include many sedums, sempervivums, yuccas and agaves, such as the imposing Agave havardiana. Make sure to plant in full sun and well-drained soil. To ensure that the plants don’t get wet feet during the winter, add sand or gravel.

Play up the tropical mood of succulents by placing them in pea gravel or pebbles. Pair with bright beauties like bird-of-paradise and Clivia.

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