Lawn Mower (Electric & Manual)

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  • Quick changing rotary blades with 5 height adjustment to spring effect
  • Grass particles , germs , insects , fungus collection by air suction which gives neat , clean and hygienic lawns
  • Feather-touch movements
  • Foldable handle for easy storage
  • Anticorrosive coated body
  • Poly urethane coated wheel
  • Ball Bearing in wheel
  • Time-n-labors saving for garden owners
  • Colour at the time of supply may vary
  • 20 Meters clearly visible-fluorescent colour detachable wire
  • One scrapper and complete spanner set

Technical Data

Lawn Mower – Electric

ModelVI.13 ELVI.18 ELVI 16 MN
Power1 PH 220 V, 1.5HP1 PH 220 V, 2.5 HPManual
Blade Size13 inches18 inches15 inches
Cutting Height25-55 mm27-80 mm15-50 mm
Grass Box Capacity27 Litres60 Litres-
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