Chain Saw – Two-Man Electric

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  • The fastest cross cutting chain saw manufactured indigenously on par with international standards
  • A handy tool with powerful motor, exclusively designed for Saw Mills, plywood/Veneer Industries, Match Factories, Wood Working Shops, Packing departments, Fire Wood Depot, Boiler House and in many allied industries
  • As it is centrally balanced, it gives perfect straight cut
  • Handled by two persons
  • No extra pressure for faster cutting
  • Non-stop and smooth operation of motor
  • Its dynamic balanced motor
  • Its imported steel chain and bar ensures functional efficiency of the highest order.
  • Cutting through the toughest wood as smooth as a hot knife through a butter
  • This hard working and smooth operating machine can execute upto a hundred cuts in an hour.
  • Sturdy gear box and Vibration free operation
  • All models are fitted with 3 phase, 3Hp, 400/440 volts electric motor


Fire Wood Cutting
For Boiler House and Brick manufacturers, fast cutting and splitting of firewood is made possible

Paper Roll Cutting
The only reliable machine for cutting fast the imported paper roll. It cuts fast and hence a very economical machine.

Sandstone Cutting
An ideal machine to cut fast- sandstone and also graphite. It is even being used for cutting some not-so-hard varieties of stones.

Technical Data

Model No.Guide Bar LengthCutting Capacity (Circumference/Girth)Weight of Drive Head
Vimal - 8484 Cms210 Cms32 Kg
Vimal - 100100 Cms255 Cms32 Kg
Vimal - 122122 Cms320 Cms32 Kg
Vimal - HD*122 122 Cms320 Cms38 Kg
Vimal - HD*150 150 Cms400 Cms38 Kg
Vimal - HD*175175 Cms480 Cms38 Kg
Vimal - HD*200 200 Cms560 Cms38 Kg

*With heavy duty motor

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