Chain Saw Chain Sharpener

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  • Chainsaw chain sharpener having compact design
  • Chainsaw chain sharpeners are considered to be one of the best sharpening options as these
  • Can safely sharpen the tool blades with minimum effort and less time.
  • Sharpener, the shape of the chain tooth is determined by the thickness and shape of the grinding wheel used.
  • Make sure you have correctly adjusted the cutting angle and selected the right grinding wheel for your chain.
  • The sharpness and durability of your chain depends most importantly on two factors.
  • The angle applied to grind the tip of the chain and the shape of front of the chain tooth. Whilst the sharpening angle of your chainsaw can be easily adjusted on the clamping device of the vimal chain saw.
  • Durable machine built with the quality and features needed for frequent, high-volume chain sharpening.
  • Excellent safety features.
  • To ensure the safety of the user and the machine, these devices generally have a safety harbor shield around the motor to prevent any mishap.
  • Light weight and compact model

Technical Data

MotorSquirrel cage induction motor
Design 1ph A.C. 3ph A.C.
Voltage220 volts440 volts
Ampere0.35 AMPS 0.35 AMPS
Frequency50 Cycles50 Cycles
Power 0.25 H.P.0.25 H.P.
Speed 2800 RPM 2800 RPM
Griding WheelDia - 150mm Thick - 5mm
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