Long Cutter

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Standing at ground level, 20 feet high branch can be cut comfortably.


Cutting is done on pull stroke and not on push stroke. It gives very fast and technically correct cut. It cuts wood in a slant with a unique pull action. Thus retaining the natural growth option is open, with…

  • Two- point blade lock
  • Replaceable pruning blade
  • Fibre glass telescopic pole
  • Shock proof fibre glass telescopic pole
  • Spare Blade for Long Cutter

Technical Data

Parameters2 Stage3 Stage
Cutting Height18'-20'20’- 25’
Weight2.8 kg4 kg
Saw Blade Size12"12”
CuttingCapacity Diameter 4"Sawing-1" Shearing 4" Sawing- 1" Shearing
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