Cut Off Saw (Electric)

CUT-OF-SAW (Electric)
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A fast, gentle, vibration-free machine that can cut any material – ferrous, non-ferrous, concrete, masonry pipes, stones, etc. The unit can be operated in any direction – horizontal, vertical or at any angle it can be titled.


  • Useful in construction industries for faster alteration, demolition and renovation works.
  • A handy tool for Railways, Air Force, Army, Mining and many industries for cutting steel bars, beams, scaffoldings, bricks and other structures with ease and saving time, labor and money.
  • It gives smooth and sharp edges on cutting – thus additional installation of windows, doors or air conditioners becomes easy.
  • It does not damage adjoining structures.
  • Light weight, Powerful output
  • Anti-vibration mechanism
  • Ergonomic design

Cut off Saw (Petrol)
For the Fire Brigade Service it is useful to cut metal, shutter, roof, sheet, bar and similar metal sections as also concrete/RCC and other building material during force-entry in rescue operations.

Technical Data

Cut off Saw (Electric)

Model Vimal - 301
Voltage230 Volts
Power 2000 Watts
Wheel Diameter300 mm
Cutting Capacity100 mm
Weight 12 Kg

Cut off Saw (Petrol)

Model TS 400
Displacement65 CC
Wheel Diameter300/350
Fuel Capacity0.770 Litres
Maximum Cutting Depth125 mm
Weight12.5 Kg
Power Output (KW/hp)3.2/4.4
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